Peregrine Mitigation – Cheshire


FALCO Ecology was commissioned to provide assistance for a construction site which had the potential to disturb breeding peregrines. Site Visits were made to assess the site and establish the behaviour of the resident peregrines. A mitigation plan was devised which included the design, building and installation of a peregrine nest box. A Toolbox Talk was delivered to the Principal Contractor to assist them with the construction works.

Proposed Development

The buildings within the site complex required sections of roofing to be renewed.


Ecoscope Ltd.

Scope of Works

We undertook a site visit to assess the site and the roosting locations used by the resident peregrines.It was clear from walking around the site during the visit that the birds were unintentionally disturbed by persons wearing high-viz clothing. we advised on a process to habituate the birds to hi-viz clothing prior to the commencement of construction works.

A site specific nest box was designed, built and installed by FALCO Ecology. The location and aspect of the box was positioned to minimise potential visual and noise disturbance on the resident breeding pair. The nest box was inspected regularly before eggs were laid and incubation continues.

Incubation Changeover

It was not possible, at the time, to install a webcam, therefore a solar powered 3G enabled trail camera was installed to allow monitoring with zero disturbance.

FALCO Ecology delivered a Toolbox Talk to the Principal Contractors about peregrines and other potential breeding birds that would be present on the site. We continue to provide assistance to the Principal Contractors. The mitigation measures appear to be successful allowing construction to continue as scheduled saving both time and money.

Fledged Juvenile

Three eggs hatched and two of these chicks went on to fledge. Both chicks were ringed under licence from the British Trust for Ornithology and uniquely lettered colour rings were also fitted in order to trace the movements of these birds in the future.


The resident peregrine pair were not noticeably disturbed by the construction works and went on to successfully breeding on the site. This allowed the construction works to occur in conjunction with bat constraints on the site.