FALCO Ecology provides bespoke bird identification and surveying training. Our training sessions are designed to meet your requirements, whether you are a citizen scientist looking to further your bird knowledge to environmental consultants who require specific survey training.

Our training sessions can cover:

  • Identification Skills by sight and sound;
  • Breeding Bird Surveys covering common bird census and Brown & Shepherd methodologies;
  • Wintering Bird Surveys – coastal areas;
  • Species Specific Surveys for a variety of species including Schedule 1 species i.e. Barn Owl; and
  • Nest Searching Field skills.

For more information or discuss your training requirements call us on 07928 040 460


Ian Graham, Coastal Ranger at Sunderland City Council

I took up the post of Coast Ranger in November 2016, working in the area between Hendon and Ryhope, in South Sunderland. Having worked in the natural environment for over twenty years all of my bird knowledge was of woodland, grassland birds. It was evident I would need to extend my knowledge to take in wading birds. It was evident I would need to expand my knowledge to include wading birds. A major part of my role is to monitor migratory wading bird population. I knew I would require some help from an expert to complete a bird and disturbance survey. I made enquires with a number of ecology consultants, and one name was highlighted as being one of the best bird ecologists in the north east area. Adrian George of FALCO Ecology was commissioned through Arcus Consulting Ltd. to provide the training I required. Adrian delivered a first training course to enable me to fill the gap I had in my knowledge in both bird identification skills and survey methodology. Adrian’s advice on the equipment required, that fell within the budget of the project. We started with two half day in-door ID training sessions followed by a number of out-door training days. Adrian’s skills and knowledge gave me the ability taught me about the habits and habitats of the many different wading birds which choose to use our protected coastline. Adrian gave me the skills and confidence to conduct surveys on my own. Recording the birds are using the coastline where I am based, and then passing these recordings on to organisations such as ERIC (Environmental Records Information Centre) North East and Capturing Our Coast Wading Bird Survey. What did I get out of the training course? An expanded knowledge of coastal birds, a better understanding of what and why wading birds come to the north east coastline, Adrian targeted his training to meet my needs. Made it very enjoyable time whilst learning new skills.

If you are in the market for some ecological training, give Adrian a call at FALCO Ecology, and he will advise on what he can offer to meet your needs. I would definitely recommend FALCO Ecology to anyone in the market for training or consultancy work. FALCO Ecology will work with you to help you meet your requirements with any issue you have regarding birds and most protected species. Would I work with FALCO Ecology again? Yes most definitely, I have commissioned FALCO Ecology to assist with two events I intend to run later this year.